The American International School in Niamey currently has academic facilities organized around a calm, shaded green space. The extension scheme pushes that notion forward and creates additional "quads" throughout the site. They will each serve a different purpose that complements the academic quad area. Phase 1 of the project organizes a set of small buildings housing new administrative offices, an infirmary, a daycare and student restrooms that double as changing rooms. The second Phase will provide the school with a brand new cafeteria, locker rooms and a covered basketball court, while the third will see the creation of a recreational center and a new pool. The program is thus broken up in a collection of small buildings placed and shaped to keep the maximum number of existing trees on the site. A welcome side effect of this approach is that it provides opportunities for devising shaded communal spaces for students, faculty and the community alike, while contributing to the thermal comfort of the buildings. The extension is also a first step for the school towards creating a sustainable healthy environment where energy consumption is lowered by using Compressed Earth Bricks produced on site.

Location: Niamey, Niger.
Architects: Mariam Kamara
Status: Under Construction. Phase 1 Completed