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L'architecture en terre au Niger

L’architecture en terre désigne les techniques et réalisations de la construction en terre. Le matériau de construction que l'on nomme béton de terre, boue séchée, terre battue, pisé, torchis, adobe (mot d'origine arabo-hispanique adopté en américain) est employé depuis au moins dix mille ans. Il a servi à construire les premières villes connues.

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Building Facades in Hausa Architecture

Recently, we have been looking at earth architecture in Niger and at the examples that pre-date French colonization. An enduring example of such an architecture can be found in the Southern part of the country where the Hausas live. The Hausas are one of the largest West-African ethnic groups spread across Niger, Nigeria, Cameroun and Ghana. Pre-colonization, Hausa master builders were an affluent and influential class, organized in a guild with rules and regulations.

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