CIPMEN is the first technology and innovation incubator in Niamey. With over 30 incubating companies, their mission is to provide a sanctuary for new exploration by young Nigeriens in software, product development or research specifically aimed at improving local lives. In keeping with this ethos, CIPMEN has chosen to build its new headquarters office using a sustainable approach and innovative local materials: it will be the first multi-story building made out of Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs) in Niamey.

The project keeps cultural habits and needs in mind by designing flexible, semi-private spaces for dynamic collaboration, offices, meeting rooms, reception space, as well as a mosque area. The thick brick walls provide much needed insulation against the harsh heat and will lower energy consumption in the building. Because the material is to remain exposed to make a statement, a wrapping layer of thin fins supporting precast screens also acts as a sanctuary of sort, protecting the glazed areas of the building from glare and shielding its walls from rain water.

Status:  Current
Location: Niamey, Niger
Site: 2000 m²
Design: Mariam Kamara